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The Simplest Bowling Strategy, Originally Posted: 11/5/2013; Updated: 5/11/2021

What is the simplest bowling strategy of them all? Hit the Pocket!
You must hit the pocket repeatedly to give yourself enough chances at strikes in order to record high scores. You must hit the pocket consistently to leave easy and routine spares to convert.
Hitting the pocket must be your chief priority.
In order to hit the pocket, visualize your bowling ball impacting the pocket, then re-trace the ball path back from the pocket, through the breakpoint about two-thirds the way down the lane, back through the mid-lane, and finally back along its original delivery path angle from the foul line.
That’s right, think about your ball path in reverse.
Once you identify which board your bowling ball first contacts the lane surface as you release it, you can observe where you must slide to allow your hand to release the ball on that same precise board just over the foul line.
Once you establish a sliding board, track back further yet to where you take your stance position on the approach.
Stand on the board which corresponds to the board you wish to slide upon based on your intended walking path.
Hitting the pocket is a strategy of beginning with the end in mind.
Know where your ball must travel on its journey down the lane to properly hit the pocket and then re-trace its path back into your bowling hand near the foul line.

Since most house lane conditions throughout the country create a very forgiving pattern, you do not have to be so precise each shot to hit the pocket.
The trick is to understand a little about how and where to line up based on the lane condition, then use this reverse tracking strategy to your advantage.
If you hit the pocket, you are on your way to doing it again and again.
In the pocket are where strikes reside.
Become a bowling pocket warrior and take pride in learning a strategy to hit the pocket repeatedly. Your bowling scores will thank you.
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