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Release Tips For Two-Handed Bowlers, Originally Posted: 3/4/2013; Updated: 5/22/2023

If you are a recently converted bowler now using a two-handed delivery technique, there are a couple of useful tips which can help make your delivery style an effective one.

The best two-handed bowlers use their legs to get lower to the floor and reduce excessive amounts of loft. One handed bowlers typically flex their knees in their stance position and then increase the amount of knee flex each successive step until the sliding knee is flexed (bent) about 75 degrees. It is wise for you to do the same.

Also, taking a long slide helps build a good foundation or platform by which to deliver the ball using two hands. Balance is an important factor for all bowlers and especially true with two handed bowlers.

Your upper body should be tilted forward perhaps 15 degrees of tilt, and maintain that level of tilt as you walk to the foul line and deliver the bowling ball.

The combination of upper body tilt and knee flex with a long slide will help place you into a good athletic posture, which will aide you in getting your ball to contact the lane surface much sooner and thereby reduce loft.

Make sure you release the ball with both hands before your ball passes your sliding bowling shoe. You may be hanging on to the ball longer than needed and delivering the ball in an upward motion over the foul line, which will prolong the ball getting onto the floor sooner than you now are experiencing.

Visualize your bowling ball exiting your hands at a gradual angle of descent into the surface of the lane, and not bouncing upon contact with the lane.

These techniques can help you as a two-handed bowler to deliver your ball onto the lane more quickly and help you control your ball skid and overall ball motion.

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