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Tricks And Traps For Retaining Good Bowling Balance

By:, 11/3/16

Learning the tricks and traps for retaining good bowling balance can help you improve consistency in your game.

If you are struggling to maintain good balance when bowling, here are a few tricks and traps to consider while remembering that the “trick” comments are the recommended ways to bowl while the “trap” comments are not recommended:

*Trick: flex your knees and lean your upper body forward about 10 - 15 degrees forward tilt at the address position and maintain this athletic posture throughout your approach.

*Trap: avoid bending too much at the waist and dropping your bowling shoulder lower than you opposite shoulder more than perhaps an inch or two during your stance position and while walking and swinging your bowling ball.

*Trick: maintain slight knee flex throughout each step of your approach. Knee flex allows the big leg muscles to support your body weight, keeps your steps paced smoothly, and generates leverage, balance, and power when releasing the bowling ball.

*Trap: standing too upright or leaning away from the pins while walking to the foul line. Avoid straightening your legs and raising your upper body before the slide step and during your release movement.

*Trick: maintain a constant spine angle while you walk to the foul line.

*Trap: make sudden and unneeded head and shoulder movements during the approach causing a loss in balance.

*Trick: your balance-leg (non-sliding leg) should sweep out of the way in the opposite direction of your bowling arm as you begin your slide and should remain in contact with the floor to stabilize your upper body.

*Trap: thrust your balance leg to the side of your body and up in the air so suddenly as to cause your hips to rotate away from your sight target when delivering the bowling ball.

*Trick: keep your sliding bowling shoe aligned with the boards on the lane and while sliding and slide toward the middle of your body to stabilize your torso as you release your bowling ball.

*Trap: avoid spinning your hips suddenly or dropping your bowling shoulder during your sliding step forcing a loss in balance.

*Trick: maintain a shoulder positioning in a line directly over your knee caps while you walk and slide into the foul line.

*Trap: avoid pressing your shoulders out and ahead of your sliding knee by bending over at the waist during your slide and ball delivery movements.

*Trick: wait for your swing to complete it's cycle and follow through movement and then hold your form for a second or until your bowling ball reaches your target on the lane.

*Trap: avoid a hurried release by forcing your bowling hand to apply power onto the bowling ball which can lead to cutting short your follow through motion.

These “Tricks” and “Traps” for good balance when bowling apply to all skill levels of bowlers. Good balance at the foul line is all set-up well before you slide into the line. If you maintain good upper body posture from the beginning of your approach in the stance position and reduce any wasted motion during your approach, you will be able to arrive at the line, deliver your bowling ball, and hold your form until the ball reaches your target. If you can do this successfully one time, you can repeat these good deliveries over and over again.


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