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What Does Athletic Posture Mean In Bowling?

Updated 7/17/2020

If you ask what does athletic posture mean in bowling, then draw your attention to your set-up body position on the approach.

In many sports with bowling no different, good posture, good body positions, before making an athletic move gives the athlete a great chance at generating power with balance and control.

Here are a few simple tips to get into a good athletic bowling posture on the approach:

*Flex your knees in your stance position before you bowl.

*Keep your feet close together with perhaps only one board of separation between both bowling shoes.

*Use a 10% or 15% body forward tilt with your rear pushed back slightly so your body weight is placed over your legs.

*Position the front portion of your shoulders in a vertical straight line above your knee caps.

*The bottom of your chin should be at shoulder level or slightly higher.

*If you hook your bowling ball, lower your bowling shoulder about one or two inches below your non-bowling shoulder and retain that shoulder tilt throughout your approach.

*Maintain this overall athletic posture as you bowl staying at close to the same elevation from the approach floor each step.

*Avoid head movement to stabilize your body balance as you walk.

These are all things you can practice from the safety of your home too! More practice from home means more improvement on the lanes too.

If you establish an athletic posture during your stance position, all you need to focus on during your approach is to maintain that same posture during your walk, your slide and your release.

Good posture helps generate effortless power coupled with good body balance so you can repeat good shots.

If you have any questions about your posture, consult your local bowling instructor and learn how to position yourself properly before beginning your approach.

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