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A Consistent Bowling Ball Moment Of Release

By:, Originally Posted: 3/15/17; Updated: 11/11/2021

What is most important to any bowler regarding accuracy and controlling ball skid distance is a consistent bowling ball moment of release.

If you can control when your thumb exits your bowling ball and if you can stabilize your release technique, you can also control your ball skid distance and overall ball reaction.

There is one common key for any experienced bowler who seeks solid bowling results and that is to regulate the precise moment your bowling thumb exits the ball relative to your sliding step.

One very important tip in doing so is to develop a consistent slide into the foul line with both balance and with proper spine angle.

Being in good posture to release your ball at the same critical moment repeatedly stems from retaining a spine angle forward tilt of perhaps 10 to 15 degrees based from an upright standing position.

This posture places your body weight directly over your legs as you walk and swing your ball.

As your forward swing enters the release zone, it is important to allow your thumb to exit the ball at the bottom (or very near the bottom) of your forward swing arc.

In doing so, your loft distance beyond the foul line stabilizes and you can control your ball skid distance.

If you are a bit late with your release, you may witness your bowling ball bounce more than normal after it contacts the lane surface and your skid distance will vary.

If you are early releasing your ball, you risk the ball entering the floor at a steep angle and that too can vary your ball skid length and its reaction in the mid-lane.

Inconsistent moments of release generally occur because the spine angle forward tilt varies.

When this happens, you may feel you are letting the ball go off of your hand consistently relative to your sliding shoe but relative to the bottom of the swing arc, you are not.

Work to retain a constant spine angle throughout your approach and release.

Coupled with a solid athletic posture, it is also important to retain good knee flex when sliding under the center of your body. If you establish a stable platform from which you can release your bowling ball consistently, your ball skid distance becomes consistent. Knee flex allows you to utilize the big muscles in your legs to an advantage and serves to stabilize your walking movements and your slide step as you release your ball. From a stable body posture, your job of repeating quality shots improves.


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