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Grip Your Conventionally Drilled Bowling Ball

By:, Originally Posted: 3/2/17; Updated: 10/31/2023

If you are new to the game you will want to learn a good technique to grip your conventionally drilled bowling ball.

Normally a pro shop professional will drill a conventional grip for new bowlers learning the game.

The conventional grip drilling is selected with expectations the bowler will eventually improve enough to advance into replacing the ball with a fingertip grip ball which almost every one-handed, skilled bowler uses.

A conventional grip intends for your two middle fingers of your bowling hand to be inserted down to the second knuckle joint of both fingers and for your thumb to be inserted all the way down to your second and largest knuckle joint at the top of your thumb.

Here are a few tips:

*Support the weight of the ball in your non-bowling hand when taking your stance position on the approach.

*Insert your fingers first and then your thumb as far as the holes permit.

*Avoid partially inserting your fingers so you do not bend bending your knuckles inside the bowling ball.

*Allow the ball surface to rest on the palm of your hand. There should be little or no separation of the palm of your hand from the surface of the bowling ball.

*Use slightly more gripping pressure on the finger pads of your hand than on your thumb pad.

*Retain consistent gripping pressure on the ball throughout the full cycle of your swing and release movements.

A properly fitted bowling ball will greatly reduce any chances of injury or skin irritation.

Another factor for new bowlers is to develop a pre-shot routine. Take your stance position in the same manner each time you step onto the approach. Use an athletic posture (almost fully upright with only a slight upper body forward lean) and flex your knees slightly. The routine also includes proper positioning your bowling ball in front of the bowling shoulder at a height between knee high to shoulder high but most frequently at waist level.


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