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Add Freedom To Your Bowling Mechanics

By:, 8/12/16

Updated 10/29/2020

If you feel your motion is too rigid or “robotic” and controlled, add freedom to your bowling mechanics.

As a simple bowling swing tip, loosen up your body muscles as you walk and swing your bowling ball.

For starters, if you add some freedom to your overall body motion during your approach, particularly to your swing motion, then your ability to reproduce quality shots increases.

Typically, any bowler who has been told he or she appears to bowl too mechanically or too much like a robot is likely too tense with the leg, neck, shoulder, and arm muscles.

This tenseness by trying so hard to steer your bowling ball to the pocket can actually reach a point where nothing seems to flow smoothly or in one continuous motion.

The boiled down solution is to walk lightly and swing your bowling ball freely and loosely.

Sometimes this is easier said than done.

You can, however, strive to reach the level of looseness with your walking and arm swinging motion by first accepting the notion that you do not need to control your bowling ball throughout the swing but rather rely on the forces of gravity to assist you in swinging the ball.

Begin by using a loose and free backswing to establish a consistent initial swing motion which tends to regulate the tempo in your complete swing cycle.

Also, maintain consistent gripping pressure on your bowling ball throughout your swing which, in turn, helps you control your ball skid distance and restore a reliable ball reaction.

Being realistic, you likely cannot expect to go from being a muscled and tense bowler with a controlled swing to a completely “free swinger” with your bowling ball.

Trusting the force of gravity to drop your ball from the top of the backswing into the downswing after using a swift and free backswing technique is a major step to freeing your entire swing cycle.

If you think in terms of achieving an effortless swing motion, your speed control improves. So will your ball skid distance and so will your overall ball reaction improve.

Work on attaining smooth steps without digging into the approach floor and tensing your leg muscles to a point where you lose tempo and balance.

As you then work on adding freedom to your swing motion, your steps and swing tend to match and produce good timing and a consistent release motion.

Matching the looseness of your steps and swing is not a new strategy for anyone. You can add some freedom gradually to your game by first relaxing your mind and trusting in the physical forces of gravity to help you walk smoothly and swing your bowling ball using little or no force. Less physical effort can produce consistently desirable results.


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