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Bowling Arm Swing Speed Control Tips

If you are relatively new to the game or just beginning to work on finer points of the game, one key to consistent bowling performances if bowling ball speed control.

To retain the ability to regulate your ball speed, there are a couple of easy changes to your swing which will get the job done.

If you wish to increase your bowling ball speed, hold your ball higher than normal (about a ball height) in your stance position.

Begin your swing toward your target slightly upward until your arm is fully extended as to create greater momentum on the down and backswing motions.

From the top of your backswing, permit the ball to swing freely and very swiftly to a full follow-through position and toward your target.

Accelerate your forward swing.

A slight increase in your footwork will occur with a faster swing tempo and will help to match with the increase in your swing speed.

To slow your ball speed, hold your ball lower than normal in the set-up position by a ball height at the minimum.

Begin your swing toward your target making sure your arm gets fully extended and permit the back-swing to move freely but more slowly than normal.

A shorter than usual swing arc will occur which indicates your overall ball speed will be reduced.

It is very important important to follow through toward your target and complete your swing using a slower speed.

You may encounter slightly slower footwork to match the decrease in your swing speed.

Practice these techniques, use the services of a bowling instructor if you have any questions related to your controlling your ball speed, and become versatile when lane conditions change.