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Tips To Control Your Bowling Ball Speed

By:, Originally Posted: 7/15/16; Updated: 3/4/2022

Since ball speed control has become an important part in maintaining a good ball reaction given the enormous selection of bowling balls available in the market today, is becomes necessary to develop a technique to regulate your ball speed.

Ball speed control is an essential factor in determining ball skid distance.

Skid distance is key to getting a reliable ball reaction in the mid-lane and from the breakpoint to the pocket.

If you are striving to develop an improved ball reaction, here are a few tips to control your bowling ball speed:

*Develop a consistent walking pace to the foul line.

*Retain a constant spine angle during your approach and delivery motion.

*Reduce bowling arm, neck, and shoulder tension as much as possible.

*Maintain consistent gripping pressure on your bowling ball throughout your full swing cycle.

*Accelerate your forward swing to a full follow through position to complete each shot.

*Stabilize your bowling hand action and reduce finger rotation at the moment you release your ball.

*Regulate your ball loft distance beyond the foul line.

These time tested and relatively easy tips to follow will help you control your bowling ball speed and your ball skid distance.

Because of this, you can more consistently achieve a reliable overall ball reaction.

With a good ball reaction, your job of aligning to the pocket and to spares becomes an easier process.

Also, adjustments when ball reaction changes are made become easier because you are delivering your ball at a consistent ball speed.

Another benefit from controlling ball speed is improved accuracy.

These factors will help you when bowling in competition and when anxiety can cause inconsistent shotmaking.

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