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Bowling Swing Tempo

By:, Originally Posted: 7/19/16; Updated: 2/28/2022

Bowling swing tempo is key to consistent shot making. Unfortunately, bowling in competition can cause you to lose your swing tempo and begin to force your swing.

Trying so hard to make good shots, or to get that important strike, can lead to forcing your swing and your release.

One quick cure while bowling in league or in a tournament and experiencing a series of poor swings and releases is to visualize you are bowling on a very oily lane condition where your bowling ball skids longer than needed and where your ball speed becomes critical.

There is simply no need to overpower an oily lane with brute force or pure speed.

Instead, regain a smooth tempo by allowing the forces of gravity to start your bowling ball into the downswing and strive for a steady and consistent forward swing.

In doing so, you will begin to sense a repetitive swing feel.

Another good tip to set up a consistent swing tempo is to make a loose and free backswing to set the tempo of your entire swing cycle.

Maintain consistent gripping pressure on your bowling ball throughout the swing cycle. This cannot be stressed enough if you wish to regain a consistent swing tempo.

If you think in terms of delivering your bowling ball at a steady swing velocity each shot, then you begin to develop a tempo you can maintain throughout the remainder of your bowling competition.

Trust your normal release style, regulate your ball speed, and allow your swing to repeat in a free and loose motion with little muscle tension.

There are other factors which can also affect good swing tempo. Rushing the foul line with hurried steps due to excitement or anxiety can cause your swing to lose its natural pace of motion.

Trying to add revs or forcing your ball to hook as opposed to letting the dynamics of the bowling ball do the work for you is another reason you could lose a consistent swing tempo.

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