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How Can I Make My Bowling Release More Consistent?

If you are asking "how can I make my bowling release more consistent?", learn one effective release first.

Trying to master too many release variations has gotten more than one bowler in trouble.

If you average more than 180 and try to improve your delivery, be careful trying to add too much power or rotate the ball more than needed.

Regulate one good release and use that release 90 percent of the time.

Add a slight, a very slight, variation to either add revs or reduce revs depending on what you are seeking to accomplish.

Build one lasting and effective release technique and trust it in competition.

In today’s world of bowling, there are so many options you have to change your ball reaction that changing your release should be a last resort.

You can change bowling balls. You can go from a symmetric core to an asymmetric core bowling ball or vice versa.

You can use a shiny or a matte finish reactive coverstock. You can use a pearl coverstock.

You can use two or three drilling layouts as options to changing your release style.

You can alter the surface texture of your bowling ball to either increase or decrease ball skid distance.

Keep things simple and master solid fundamental techniques so your physical game holds up on a variety of lane conditions and under the pressures of stiff competition.

It is surprising how few wrist variations and rotation variations the pro bowlers use when modifying their delivery technique.

The fewer physical game variables you build into your game, the easier it is to make the tough choices when it comes to selecting the right bowling ball, the right layout, or the right surface texture on your equipment to best match with lane conditions you face in competition.

If you learn one good release technique, avoid the temptation of “revving” your ball beyond your effective skill range and if you avoid the temptation of rotating your bowling fingers too much in an attempt to hook the ball, you take an important first step in regulating a dependable release style.

If you ask "how can I make my bowling release more consistent?", depend and rely on one proven release technique and pay more attention to making quality shots than how much you can hook the ball.

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