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Understanding Your Bowling Brain

By:, Originally Posted: 6/7/16; Updated: 3/16/2022

Understanding your bowling brain can go a long way to helping you improve your decision making process during competition.

If you truly wish to improve your game, regardless of your present skill level or bowling average range, then understand just a few key points about how your brain affects both your physical motion and your game strategies when you bowl.

It needs to be stated first that your brain commands your body how to move, when to move, and where to move.

By inputting good information into your brain, your brain can then instruct your body how and what to do next.

A common term we hear in bowling circles is muscle memory.

Muscles are trained and developed so they can react upon command from your brain, but they have no real memory in and of themselves.

With properly conditioned muscles for bowling purposes, your body can respond efficiently and execute the commands given by your brain.

Your brain has memory. Your brain initiates the physical bowling action.

A combination of physical game training through purposeful practice and outputting effective bowling information from your brain results to your body is the winning combination every bowler wishes to attain.

Your physical game motion begins with your brain commanding you to bowl. Your physical effectiveness is a result of the time you have spent in the past building your game.

Strategy decisions are purely driven by your mental approach to the game.

Trust is is the chief ingredient in confidence to carry out what your brain signals your body to do. If you rely on your decisions and carry them out during competition, you likely will be right more often than you may think.

The conscious and subconscious mind are both parts of the mental game process.

Another thing to know is that your brain can be trained or programmed to instruct your body regardless of your age or gender. Your mind has the ability to learn new tasks.

This re-training is also known as the science of neuroplasticity and is a proven function of the brain.

We can teach “Old dogs” new tricks if we allow our brain to be exposed to positive data and we prepare our bodies to respond when called upon through sufficient practice.

Everyone understands that if you are well practiced, your chances of achieving good results are improved.

Relying on your most important body part, however, is the real key to bowling success.

Your bowling brain is your best friend so invite your brain to be an even larger part of your bowling future than ever before.

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