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The Perfect Bowling Game

By:, Originally Posted: 4/14/16; Updated 12/8/2020

What is the perfect bowling game?

Most bowlers agree rolling a 300 game score is considered a perfect game - all strikes.

For most bowlers, a 300 game is an infrequent occurrence, if one at all.

However, the effort it takes to bowl a perfect game can be accomplished almost every game you bowl.

If you are averaging in the 160’s or 170’s, learn what it takes to bowl a perfect game.

The simple truth is you must strive to improve your ability to hit the pocket more consistently than presently. To do so requires good alignment to the pocket and good adjustments as lanes change.

Hitting the pocket repeatedly will raise your chances at getting a strike. Once you can hit the pocket twelve consecutive times, hopefully in the same game, you stand a chance of rolling a 300 game.

Hitting the pocket offers many smaller advantages in scoring in that you will leave routine spares to convert.

The strikes will come if you increase your percentage of pocket hits each game or each series of games.

Remember, improving your bowling average means cutting down the number of mistakes, errant shots, you make during competition.

Improve your spare shooting skills by practicing and devising a logical alignment system for any spare you may leave. Many bowlers use the phrase, "Strikes for the show. Spares for the dough." as an easy and quick reminder for this.

Use a ball which you can control whether you are bowling across the lane at corner pin spares or in the middle of the lane for spares near the head pin. Many bowlers opt for a polyester ball, as it allows you to play straighter on the lanes.

If you align to the pocket effectively using the oil blend to assist your ball reaction and get to the pocket consistently, your average will improve.

If you use a proven adjustment you trust when your ball reaction requires it, you can quickly re-align to the pocket.

Alignment to the pocket, adjustments, and choosing the right bowling ball to best match with lane conditions are the challenges you face if you strive to improve your pocket percentage and your chances at striking.

Learn to improve your ability to hit the pocket often and perhaps one day soon the perfect bowling game come your way.

In the mean time, your bowling average will surely improve.

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