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Bowling Release Practice Drill

By:, 7/2/17

Updated 10/12/2020

If you wish to tune your release technique, try this bowling release practice drill.

Rotate your fingers but not your elbow.

The drill is to keep the palm of your hand behind the ball as your swing and hand enter the release zone at or near the bottom of your forward swing arc.

When you rotate your bowling fingers, avoid also rotating the elbow of your bowling arm.

It is possible to rotate your fingers perhaps an inch or slightly more without rotating your elbow.

Keep the front portion of your elbow moving toward the pins with the inside edge of your elbow tucked in closely to your upper body on your forward swing.

This movement allows your hand to remain behind the ball as you prepare to release your thumb from the ball with your fingers rotating the ball slightly.

If you avoid rotating your arm (your elbow in particular) and focus instead on only rotating the tips of your fingers, you can establish a consistent release technique.

This practice drill will help you avoid overturning the ball when you face competition and when you are trying to deliver a strike.

Another benefit of your hand staying behind the ball is the option of using little or no finger rotation or rotating your fingers enough to alter the axis of rotation of your bowling ball and the degree of axis tilt.

The one common key most great bowlers have is that their hand is in position behind the ball as they prepare to release their thumb followed by the fingers.

If you practice not rotating your elbow but rather only your fingers, you can develop a winning release technique.

As an advanced and skilled bowler, it is important to understand what your hand position options create in the way of a ball reaction. It is also important to simplify your release technique so your thumb fires out of the bowling ball at the same relative time each shot. Knowing how much to rotate your fingers, to do so on time and on the proper delivery path angle without rotating your entire arm, will reduce errant shots and create a reliable ball reaction when bowling in competition. Use this bowling release practice drill to develop release consistency.


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