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Wes Malott Wins Player Of The Year!

The 2008-09 PBA Player Of The Year race came down to the final week of
the tour as many thought it would. Wes Malott entered the final week with a slim margin over Norm Duke and Chris Barnes. Wes bowled well all week but finished just outside of the cut while Barnes and Duke finished as the number three and number one qualifiers respectively. Barnes was taken out by Mike Scroggins in the Semi-finals by the score of 200-199. Scroggins then moved on to defeat Duke by the score of 191-173 and Malott was crowned PBA Player Of The Year.
Wes recently sat down with Storm Products' Multi-media Director, Louie Wemett.
Louie Wemett - Well, first of all, how does it feel? What a thrill...PBA Player of the Year.
Wes Malott - It really hasn't sunk in yet. The race went right down to the last frame. I was headed to the airport when I got the news from Parker Bohn. He called me and told me I was Player of the Year. When Chris (Barnes) left the solid 8 to lose to Mike Scroggins, I thought to myself, "maybe it's meant to be."
LW - Winning Player of the Year is one of the greatest honor's any player can ever achieve. Did you ever imagine when you began your career you could win the award?
WM - It is a great accomplishment for me. You have to have confidence out here. There have been great bowlers who had great years who have never won it. You just work hard and whatever happens happens. I have so many people to thank. My family, the PBA, Mr. Chrisman. Bill Chrisman is not only a great businessman, he is an icon in our sport. He does so much for bowling. Hank Boomershine, Dave Symes, Roger Noordhoek and Schlem (Chris Schlemer). I owe so much thanks to all of them.
LW - How long did it take you to know you made the right decision to sign with Roto Grip?
WM - The balls gave me a different motion than I had before. It took me a while to get use to the motion, but once I did, I developed confidence in the balls. I knew I had great pieces. I knew I could win with them and I started to make the shows. Once I won with them the first time I relaxed. Our product line was smaller than some of the other companies, but the pieces are so good, I didn't need more options. The options I had with Roto Grip were all I needed. The balls are great...they are the best.
LW - Heading into the telecast on Sunday, it certainly looked like either Norm (Duke) or Chris (Barnes) was going to win the race. You had to sit on the sidelines and watch it play out.
WM - I had pretty much accepted that I probably wasn't going to win it. I thought Chris or Norm would win. But sometimes things happen and you don't know why. It was unreal. All three of us had great seasons.
LW - What's next for Wes Malott?
WM - It was a great season. I am hoping I can do it again.
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