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Week 5: Ultimate Scoring Championship

1st Place - Mike Wolfe - T-Road Pearl, Dimension, Etonic Shoes
2nd Place - Mike Scroggins - Virtual Gravity, Men's SST 6 LE Left Handed
3rd Place - Bill O'Neill - Hy-Road, Dimension, Men's SST 8 , Quad Finger Inserts, Switch Grip Inner Sleeve 1 1/4", Switch Grip Outer Sleeve
4th Place - Robert Smith - Etonic Shoes

Michael Wolfe managed to outlast a first-of-its-kind weeklong shootout to be crowned the Ultimate Scoring Champion at Taylor Lanes, the fifth stop on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour which was taped on Nov. 16 and aired on ESPN on Nov. 23.

Wolfe of New Albany, Ind., struck in the fourth-seventh frames of the championship match to defeat Mike Scroggins of Amarillo, Texas, 246-206, to win his fourth career title. Wolfe defeated Bill O’Neill and Scroggins beat Robert Smith in the semifinals.

“I think all four of us guys had a pretty good shot (on this lane pattern),” Wolfe said. “Scroggins never got off to a good start (and) was never able to put any strikes together in the first half. I don’t think he threw a double until the sixth or seventh (frame) and at that point I had a 30-40 pin lead and I just needed to mark in the eighth, ninth and 10th.”

The Ultimate Scoring Championship, a new event introduced as part of the PBA’s 50th anniversary celebration, spotlights the incredible scoring potential of the world’s greatest bowlers on a on a lane oil pattern more likely to be found in league play than the PBA Tour’s more challenging conditions.