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Bowling Ball Loft Distance

By:, 6/22/16

As an advanced bowler, if you are unsure about your bowling ball loft distance and what might be best for your game, then consider these next few related points:

*regulate your ball speed to control ball skid distance. In doing so, you will also key the very moment your hand exits your bowling ball consistently.

*enter your sliding step using a well balanced posture and hold that form until your ball exits your hand. Reducing head and torso movement while releasing your ball and holding your spine angle still heads you control your loft distance.

*exit your bowling hand from the ball as close to the same point relative to your sliding shoe laces each delivery you make. If you tend to over-loft your ball, key your release a bit sooner nearer the heel of your sliding shoe.

If you are setting the ball down too close or behind the foul line, then key your release later toward your sliding shoe toe or in front of the toe.

*avoid decelerating your follow through motion but rather accelerate to a full and complete swing finish position every shot.

*do not rotate your bowling fingers before your ball reaches the bottom of your forward swing arc.

*deliver your ball 6” to 18” beyond the foul line. In doing so, your ball speed will tend to regulate, both of which help one another and both control loft distance.

Of course, you can alter your loft distance to improve your ball reaction but be sure you are well practiced so you can trust loft adjustments during important competition.

It is best to settle on one loft distance with only a few inches of variation so you develop a consistent release motion and so your ball speed does not vary too much.

Consistent ball speed and loft distance are vital on challenging lane conditions so you can control your ball motion both in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint.

With practice, you will improve your loft distance control and your moment of release.

Please do not take these two vital keys for granted. Work on your bowling ball loft distance control next time you practice.

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