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Bowling Follow Through Height

There are a varying number of recommended follow through techniques among coaches today.

If you are wondering about your bowling follow through height, there is a technique most recommended by universal coaches.

Follow through to a height where the bottom of your elbow reaches shoulder level or above.

Your elbow can end up being very close to your ear which creates a high follow through.

Your elbow can finish waist level if you are a power player and rev the ball a great deal.

Techniques varying in follow through height can all be successful for given players.

The best height for you will be determined through experimentation and/or communicating with your bowling instructor.

If you fall into the range of a mid to low rev player relying on accuracy in hitting the pocket and not solely on how much you can hook the ball, then follow through getting your elbow to shoulder level height or higher.

It is important to not decelerate your follow through motion. If you work at regulating your ball speed and loft distance control, it should be fairly easy to complete your follow through motion to achieve this accepted height.

Finishing your follow through in a consistent manner and to a consistent height each delivery will help you when you get into trouble controlling your shot direction during competition.

A good rule of thumb is to swing your hand and arm in an upward motion along the swing arc and in the direction of your target.

Some coaches recommend to extend your arm out well over the foul line but the challenge with this technique is losing body balance.

The antidote to a loss of balance caused by an over-extended follow through is to swing up, not swing out.

If your arm is 40 inches in length, don’t try and make it 50 inches of follow through.

If you learn to swing at about 90% of full power, post up at the foul line, and complete your follow through, your chances at maintaining good balance and accuracy during competition are increased.

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