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How Can I Get A Consistent Bowling Ball Release Without Losing Too Much Power?

If you ask how can I get a consistent bowling ball release without losing too much power, then you are likely forcing your delivery like a power player when you might be best with a smooth release with a few less revs?

Revs are great but if you cannot control, the breakpoint, and the angle of entry into the pins, then your percentage of hitting the pocket suffers and will your scores.

Hitting the pocket at the highest degree of consistency is the prime objective for all top tier players.

If you lose control of the ball, see your ball hook at unpredictable points traveling down the lane, then it might be time to stop forcing a power release and use a technique which will provide good power but increase your level of delivery consistency.

There are two simple release solutions to smooth out your release and help you retain adequate revs and power.

One technique is the obvious one and that is to use an adjustable wrist support device where you can prop your wrist to any desired level of hinge and also key your thumb to release from the ball at extremely close to the same moment each shot relative to the bottom of your forward swing arc.

The other simple technique is to release your ball with your bowling thumb up and never rotating your thumb past a straight up position when you complete your follow through motion.

Regardless of how much you rotate your bowling fingers when delivering your ball, do not allow your bowling thumb to rotate past a “thumb’s up” position.

Another way to visualize this technique is to practice releasing your bowling ball making certain your bowling thumb points straight up to the ceiling continuing to a full follow-through position.

Consult an experienced bowling instructor or your pro shop bowling professional if you are having any difficulties with this release technique.

With a little practice, you can count on a strong rolling delivery style with this “thumb’s up” technique where consistency becomes the by-product.

There are always numerous release techniques you can use and develop. This technique is time tested and proven to work so if all else fails, give it a try.
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