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Money Ball Viz-A-Ball Specs

Product ID 4000 Brand
Perfect Scale Hook Rating 5.0 RG 0.000
Finish High Polish Ball Color Money Ball
Lane Condition Dry Coverstock Plastic
Ball Quality First Quality Performance Polyester[0]
Release Date 12/15/2005    
SHOW 'EM THE MONEY's newest addition to its EXCLUSIVE Viz-A-Ball line is sure to make you and your game look like a MILLION BUCKS has done it again. We are bringing you another one of the coolest Viz-A-Balls to hit the market and it is exclusive to our site. The unique Money Ball Viz-A-Ball features more graphics and depth than any other Viz-A-Ball to date.
Quantities are limited so get yours today!
Get a matching bowling bag to go with your money ball!

Money Ball Viz-A-Ball Videos

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