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The New Perfect Rival from Columbia 300

The Perfect Rival was developed to complement both the Rival and Arch Rival in terms of total hook. This is the third ball in the series and features another great shell developed by the chemists at EBI called “Perfect 300”. The chemistry produces more friction than the Arch Rival's 300 Plus, but less than the original shell on the Rival. Perfect 300, combined with our proven Spinner core, produce a ball that is great when there is oil left of your target line out of the box, and with some polish will outperform both previous models on the backend of the lane.


  • Core: Spinner Symmetric

  • Veneer: Perfect 300

  • Surface: 4000 Abralon

  • RG: (15lbs) 2.470

  • Differential: (15lbs) 0.045

This ball will be available on October 16, 2008