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The New Brunswick Wild Thing Bowling Ball - Coming Soon

The all new Brunswick Wild Thing! This is Brunswick's follow up to the ever popular Wild Ride. This ball was made to go long and snap hard in the back end of the lane. This ball is said to have a reaction and shape never seen before in the Brunswick line.
The new ultra low RG Paragon core in Brunswick's new Wild Thing bowling ball was designed with two intentions. First, lower the RG to create a faster revving core that will provide improved mid-lane traction. And second, raise the RG differential to increase the track flare potential which will generate more overall hook with standard layouts and the use of interchangeable thumb sleeves.
The Wild Thing utilizes ConneXion coverstock known for its unbelievable traction response from foul line to head pin. The aggressive connection of the Wild Thing to the lane surface inspires confidence in the ball reaction that allows bowlers to play the lanes the way they want to.
Ball Motion
The Wild Thing and its new ultra low RG core system improves the adhesion of ConneXion coverstock to accelerate the response to friction and turn its attack loose on the pins. This core/coverstock combination allows the Wild Thing to generate a shape never seen before in the Brunswick line.
Wild Thing… I Think I Love You!!
Micro Finishing Pads
The bowling industry is starting to embrace the surface finishes created by 2000-grit and 4000-grit abrasives. These abrasives create a glossy finish that many bowlers would assume are polished with a wax or similar compound. The benefit to the bowler is that these finishes create length similar to balls coated with compound finishes, but are better able to handle carrydown. The Wild Thing is finished with 4000-grit Abrasive pads driven by the new Haus high speed bowling ball resurfacing machine.
Reaction Characteristics
Out of the Box: With its 4000-grit micro pad finish, the Wild Thing will provide excellent length and a strong back-end reaction to match up on medium to oily lane conditions for a wide range of bowling styles.
If your Wild Thing goes too long:. Shiny surface finishes sometimes cause the ball to go too long before breaking.
To get your Wild Thing rolling sooner, dull the surface with a 2000-grit micro pad to increase hooking action. To further increase hooking action, use a rougher abrasive to create an earlier reaction.
If your Wild Thing hooks too early: Polish your Wild Thing with Brunswicks Factory Finish High Gloss Polish to increase length.
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