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Avoid Distractions By Other Bowlers, Originally Posted: 8/6/2013; Updated: 3/25/2023

Most everyone bowls in a league or leagues and some also bowl tournaments. Any competition presents the opportunity for becoming distracted by other bowlers while trying to concentrate.
If you find yourself getting distracted and losing focus when other bowlers on your pair of lanes constantly chatter, complain, or goof around between frames, then you need to find an escape to gather your own thoughts while preparing to bowl your next frame.
Sometimes when we try to not listen to others we actually hear chatter more than normally. If this is the case with you, simply take a short stroll a pair or two away, and relax, smile, watch others bowl, then stroll back to your pair. Don't worry about engaging your mind until it is time to walk to the ball return and prepare for your next delivery.
When you learn to lead by starting a conversation first, others will follow your lead and you can slip away quietly and not break your own concentration. When you allow other people's conversation to grab your attention, you can possibly get distracted.
Learn to not be so tight between frames. If you do need to be alone, walk down a couple of pairs of lanes away from your pair and sit behind the settee on the concourse by yourself. You can then gather your thoughts and not be obvious in doing so.
Everyone has their own threshold for focus. You just need to find your own way of passing time between frames without knocking yourself off of stride.
It is certainly easier to focus on your own game when there are only four bowlers on a pair of lanes. You can get into a quicker rhythm and maintain that pace throughout your session on the lanes compared to bowling on a five person team with ten bowlers on your pair.
In almost every case, there are usually one or two bowlers on your pair who also enjoy quiet so they can concentrate on their games. Identify these players and try to sit next to them on the settee or stand near them behind your pair, so the chances of running conversations becomes lessened.

Noises, laughter, and running chatter can surely be a nuisance if you allow yourself to be exposed to it between every frame. Just excuse yourself and walk away if you find the urge to be alone and think about your game.
Just inform your teammates that you are not trying to be anti-social, rather you are trying to help your team win by focusing on your game.
Take select opportunities to initiate a short conversation and comment on how well someone else delivered their bowling ball or how well someone is bowling. Then turn away and leave that area for a short while to prepare yourself to bowl your next frame.
If you think about it, you only need to apply full focus on your game as you walk to the ball return and prepare for your next delivery.
Trying to concentrate for a full 2 plus hours during your league session can be both difficult and energy draining. Learn instead to gear your thoughts to your game and its strategies in playing the lanes when you pick up your bowling ball, wipe off the oil on the ball surface with your bowling towel, and step onto the approach.
Conserve your energy, relax, and find ways to avoid distractions from other bowlers during your competitive sessions.

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