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The First Game Doesn't Win The Bowling Tournament

By:, Original Publish Date: 10/8/15; Updated: 10/10/2023

Knowing the first game doesn’t win the bowling tournament can be a help settling your nerves when beginning the event.

So many players will try so hard to start fast and get a solid game recorded when beginning a tournament that they fizzle as the events goes on.

There is nothing wrong with lining up, throwing strikes, and getting off with a good game score in any tournament but if the event is longer than your league sessions, for example, then pacing yourself, conserving some energy for the final games can be an advantage.

Avoid forcing your shots because you are excited the first frames of a tournament. You must remind yourself that once the lanes change, the pattern varies from the linage, and your ball reaction changes, you need to make good decisions on the spot and execute good shots during the transition times or you lose the benefit of your fast start and good scores early in the event.

All advanced players know the heat of competition can adversely affect shotmaking. If you are prone to getting very nervous, overly so, early in a tournament, then learn to take steps to relax, to breathe in and out slowly, and calm your nerves from the onset of the first game.

A steady demeanor throughout the tournament duration can help you perform consistently well more times than not.

Bowling with “guns blazing” risks getting good results once your energy level diminishes.

Reality is if you bowl a perfect game, a 300 game, the first game of your tournament, there is no guarantee you will win.

You must perform well consistently through each game you bowl and get yourself into contention with only a couple of games to go. This is the winning formula proven over many years of observing top tier players compete.

Follow a few simple keys to best prepare for your next tournament:

*Calm your nerves before you begin bowling but allow your mind to be very alert by paying attention to what is happening out in front of you with the lane conditions and how your bowling ball reacts.

*Think about a good start and a good finish to your approach. Avoid hurrying your shots. Bowl when you are ready.

*Do not get ahead of yourself; focus on making one good shot at a time. Probability is that you already know to try and make one good shot at a time but the heat of the moment in fierce competition can force you to forget.

*Maintain good and consistent rhythm with your steps and swing no matter how nervous you feel on the inside.

*Commit to your sighting target.

*Hold your form under pressure.

*Make your alignment and adjustment decisions before stepping onto the approach, not while you are aiming.

You can’t win the tournament the first game so give yourself a chance to get going in a positive manner by doing the things you practice and have worked well for you in the past.

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