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Never think A Bowling Opponent's Calmness Is A Weakness, Originally Posted: 9/2/2013; Updated: 3/17/2023

Never underestimate your bowling opponent. If you are competing with a calm and cool bowler, whether it is in league or in a tournament, never underestimate your opponent’s ability to clutch out a good performance just because of apparent calmness.
Calmness is not a weakness. Just because a bowler does not jump around the approach, shout, pump their fist, or overreact to key strike deliveries does not mean that this bowler is not focused and able to perform admirably under pressure.
Always expect your opponent to clutch out every bowling opportunity. The attitude to adapt is to win with the results of your own bowling ball, not wishing for poor results from your opponent’s bowling ball.
Most top professionals competing for their livelihoods learn quickly to concentrate only on what they are doing and not rely on others to falter.
The most difficult bowler to read is one who bowls calmly and remains at a steady emotional level.
The best way for you to combat the cool customer is to do what you do best: make good shots, avoid careless open frames, make consistent deliveries, hit the pocket as often as possible, trust your assessment of the lane conditions, and make sensible adjustments as needed.
Watching other players can be useful when you wish to notice ball reactions. Observe other bowler’s delivery paths to the pocket and watch the pair of lanes where you are moving next.
The term we hear so very often and the one which has been addressed numerous times in BowlVersity articles is to “make one good shot at a time.”
This term pertains to your shots, not watching your opponent’s shots so closely that you lose focus on your own game.

It is important to know where you stand in a match, but not to ride the highs and lows of emotion or misinterpret your opponent’s mental state by thinking he or she will fail to perform when needed.
Instead, assume your opponent will automatically strike out each close match so you then think only about doing the same yourself.
This simple strategy is a powerful one.
If you think about finishing your game strongly and avoid worrying about how your opponent will finish, you stand to achieve your best results.
Avoid getting wrapped up in watching your opponent so you divert your attention away from your game. And for goodness sake, never underestimate your opponent for being cool when bowling in pressure situations. Calmness need not be a bowling weakness.
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