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Winning Bowling

By:, 1/5/16

If you ask what is the formula for winning bowling, you may find answers as a simple process as opposed to a mystery technique.

First, You cannot win the bowling tournament in the first game.

Winning an event takes every game and every frame and every shot in each frame.

Think in the present. Do the right things at the right time and boil down your focus to one good shot at a time.

Thinking about a bad break in a previous frame or game does no good when it comes to planning your next shot. Thinking too far ahead does no good in planning your very next shot.

Stay in the present and focus on your next shot.

Identify keys in making a good shot and trust your decisions.

One key in making a good shot rises above the physical game. This key is merely to take dead aim at your target.

Hold your form at the foul line until your bowling ball passes directly over your sighting target.

Wear the paint off of your target. Complete focus on your target commits your brain to signaling your bowling body parts to deliver your ball over your target.

Taking dead aim produces improved accuracy.

Rely on your physical game fundamentals, strive for good execution when it matters most, and react decisively when faced with decisions in making lane adjustments or adjustments to your physical game during competition.

Visualize your next shot before preparing to bowl and then trust your skills to make the good shot.

Take dead aim and make one good shot at a time.

This disciplined and proven technique will help you overcome pressure situations and will help you make good shots when under the heat of bowling battle.

This notion of dead aim is certainly not a new one. This phrase has been used in golf, rifle shooting, and likely other endeavors for many years.

In bowling, taking dead aim means making a full commitment to hitting your precise sight target every delivery.

Since you can only make one delivery at a time, then take dead aim each delivery. Stay focused on your job at hand, forget what is happening around you, make a crisp decision on how you will execute your next shot.

In competition, there is no time to waste. Every shot counts. Do not belabor any poor shot or bad break along the way but rather stay focused on making a good shot next time you step onto the approach.

Trust the process. Once your shot is complete, immediately update your thinking to the very next shot you face.

In the end, winning bowling gets down to making good shots one at a time by taking dead aim each delivery.

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