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Back Off Your Bowling Power, Originally Posted: 8/5/2014; Updated: 9/28/2022

If you are not a natural power player who can generate a great deal of revs easily, then don’t try to become something you are not but rather back off your bowling power.
If you are a stroker type player with modest revs and a smooth delivery technique, then stick to what you do naturally and avoid the temptation to jack-up the ball by trying to add revs at the moment you release your bowling ball.
When you try to do something you are not trained to do or is not natural, you risk losing accuracy and effective roll on your ball.
Adding revs and trying to force a stronger release than your usual delivery style allows only serves to introduce problems and will cause inconsistent results.
Caution should be taken if you are committed to adding power that you work with a experienced bowling instructor so you develop a technique which will not sacrifice speed and loft distance control or overall accuracy in hitting your spot on the lane.
The trend today is not to seek maximum power but rather use effective power and trust the modern bowling balls to get the job done.
Challenging lane conditions in competitive events make it difficult to score well using maximum power unless you are skilled in doing so.
A by-product of trying to add revs is to deliver your ball faster than normal. If you try and get so fast just to add revs, you might work against yourself.
Too much ball speed without a matching rev-rate will produce inconsistent skid length and ball motion control.

A great shotmaker with modest revs, modest power, can outshine a power player with maximum revs and a high speed but who is wild and far less accurate of a player.
Most bowlers today are not power players. If you are young and strong and have the desire to put in the time and effort to maximize your power and change your delivery style, then there may be good results awaiting you at the end of the line.
However, if you are like most bowlers, finding your best delivery style where you can regulate your ball speed and loft distance, where you can hit your spot repeatedly, and where you can read the lanes and make good adjustments including ball changes as needed will serve you extremely well for many years to come.
Effective power and hitting the pocket repeatedly is what leads to good scores and winning ways.
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