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Bowling Alertness

By:, 12/19/16

Updated 11/9/2020

If you are trying to improve your game, bowling alertness is a very important state of mind.

Being alert when bowling competitively means making an honest assessment of your game.

Divide your goals into bowling’s four important parts - technique, game management, physical fitness, and your mental game.

Establishing a reliable game technique begins with your pre-shot routine. Getting set properly and consistently before beginning your walk to the foul line is an essential trigger mechanism in preparing both your body and mind to bowl.

Every bowler agrees a good goal is to improve your pocket hitting percentage. Strive to hitting the pocket 90 percent of the time by watching your bowling ball reaction carefully and then making any necessary adjustments as needed.

This is a game management goal directed to an end result, increased pocket hits which, in turn, lead to an increase in strikes, in leaving routine spares to convert, and to higher scores.

Physical fitness is a time based bowling goal you can develop with the intent to improve your game for the long haul. Prepare to bowl by doing stretching exercises to ready your body muscles to perform consistently.

Set the frequency and difficulty level of your fitness sessions so you can monitor improvement over time.

Mental game strategies are extremely important to your game. Watching your ball reaction carefully and making crisp, on-the-spot decisions on playing the lanes is a primary mental game strategy.

Preparing your mental game begins on the practice lanes experimenting with a range of adjustment techniques and then settling on just a few to rely upon during competition.

Adjustments are key to the game because making the right adjustment at the right time restores your ability to hit the pocket consistently when your ball reaction changes. As example, choosing the right bowling ball to best match with lane conditions is part of the mental game decision making process.

It can, therefore, be concluded that bowling alertness means paying close attention to the details of your game and constantly working to sharpen your skills.

Alertness also provides you with an ability to handle your nerves and bowl as tension free as possible during competition. Anxiety and tension can adversely affect a reliable series of body movements when you are walking and swinging your ball. You handle nerves mentally by first recognizing you need to control your breathing and then physically relax your muscles so you can bowl smoothly and repeat quality shots. Bowling alertness means trusting your skills and your mental attitude on the lanes.


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