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A Long Bowling Slide, Originally Posted: 10/1/2013; Updated: 3/3/2023

There are benefits gained from using a long bowling slide motion. A long slide indicates that you have generated good momentum entering your sliding step in order to create a long slide.
A long bowling slide will be your longest of all your steps.
A long slide coupled with enough knee bend (knee flex) and with a properly positioned upper body, will provide good balance during the critical release of your bowling ball.
Using a good pair of bowling shoes will improve sliding stability and enable you to take a long slide.
Developing a smooth and long bowling slide begins with making well balanced and gradually accelerating steps leading into the final slide step.
Here are a few additional tips for taking a long slide step:
1. Your slide step must move toward the center of your body with your sliding leg supporting the full weight of your body.
2. Gradually increase the pace of each step so you build enough momentum leading into your final slide step.
3. Slide into the foul line area with the toe of your sliding bowling shoe pointing toward the pins.
4. Enter into the sliding step with sufficient room to take a long and balanced sliding motion ending very near the foul line, perhaps 4 inches or less from the line.

5. As the ball of your sliding step first contacts the approach floor, your entire sliding bowling shoe surface must then remain evenly contacting the floor. Your upper body should remain void of unnecessary movement.
6. Gradually increase the amount of knee flex each step leading into the final slide step.
7. Your steps should generate sufficient momentum for you to slide at least 24 to 30 inches of slide motion.
Developing a long bowling slide gives you extra time to make an accurate delivery without a sudden thrusting of your upper body, trying to propel your bowling ball down the lane. A long slide is one important key to good shot making.
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