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Tips To Improve The Bowling Average

By:, Originally Posted: 1/21/17; Updated: 12/3/2021

Have you ever heard of anyone looking for tips to lower the bowling average?

Of course not. Bowlers are looking for tips to improve the bowling average.

Why on Earth would anyone wish to lower their average?

Simply use one or more of the following tips (strategies) as you prefer to help you on the path toward improvement:

*Remain calm and bowl tension free so you can establish a consistent tempo when walking and swinging your bowling ball.

*Work very hard on spares and develop a reliable spare alignment system where you become an able spare shooter.

*Learn to align to the pocket initially by using the oil pattern and your selection of bowling ball to best match to the lane conditions.

*Use a ball speed you can control; use your upper range of speed you can easily repeat each shot.

*Use your best angle of attack to hit the pocket during your warm up shots and make any adjustments to that normal alignment you feel necessary so when you begin bowling in competition, you have a great chance of hitting the pocket repeatedly.

Common sense in bowling will help you go a long way in the game regardless of your experience and skill level.

Although these are non-specific tips, they are strategies you can develop into your present system of bowling to make progress with your game.

No single bowling tip alone, however, can help you master your game. If you truly wish to become an improved bowler, it helps to learn much about the game and become extremely familiar with your personal game skills by working with an experienced bowling instructor. Establish a reliable pre-shot routine where you reason out your alignment, set yourself in a well balanced posture on the approach, and grip your bowling ball using consistent hand pressure when walking and swinging the ball. Finally, practice as often as time and money permit if you wish to better your chances at improvement.


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