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A Controlled Bowling Ball Roll, Originally Posted: 11/3/2014; Updated: 8/15/2022

In this era of of the power game and big, sweeping hooks, the modern bowling ball equipment also works well with a very controlled bowling ball roll which does not over-react easily in the mid-lane.
For those of you who delivery a modest hook without a great deal of rev-rate, you can certainly be effective by using a controlled forward roll technique.
Known commonly as a “stroker” delivery style, this low rev-rate with a stable moving axis of rotation and a low axis tilt delivery gives an appearance of an end-over-end, forward rolling motion as a given ball travels down the lane.
A forward rolling motion is an easy delivery style for maintaining accuracy and ball path control because it requires little finger rotation at the point of release.
Modern bowling balls provide sufficient track flare potential and coverstock variables which work to an advantage for you when using a control type release with little finger rotation.
Your pro shop professional can also help you select an appropriate drilling layout so you get the ball motion you seek without having to force more power into your delivery.
A control type delivery means resisting the urge to rev-up your ball and force your delivery in hopes of creating a great degree of hook.
Successful control type players us the technology available in today’s bowling ball equipment to do the work for them and by using consistent ball delivery speed and loft distance control as well as little finger rotation.

One key is using a delivery technique with little finger rotation is to think about keeping the palm of your bowling hand behind the bowling ball throughout your delivery and follow-through motion.
Staying behind the ball also provides the advantage of swinging your ball very close to your body with the inside edge of the ball very near your sliding ankle at the release point to help you develop leverage and power.
Using little finger rotation will create a stable ball rolling motion making it easy to read the lanes and calculate sensible strike and spare adjustments.
If you want to create a controlled bowling ball roll, use the forward roll technique and gain increased accuracy.
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