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Bowling Steps And Swing Tempo

By:, Originally Posted: 8/23/16; Updated: 2/11/2022

Consistent shots are a result of a combined bowling steps and swing tempo.

It is important to coordinate both your steps and swing to move at the same relative pace in order to maintain good balance and arrive at the foul line in a stable and ready position to deliver your bowling ball.

When your steps and swing move at a steady pace, one which is both natural to your usual walking pace and one which allows you to be tension free when swinging your ball, your ability to repeat quality shots improves.

Accuracy in bowling implies making a series of good shots, not just one good shot here and there. This is why good timing, good tempo with your steps and swing matching one another is so important to retain a consistent motion when you bowl.

Establishing a consistent bowling ball speed is developed from swinging your ball and from walking at the same pace in successive shots.

If you are a naturally lively paced walker, then bowl at that tempo. If you tend to walk slowly and methodically, then you can bowl at that pace.

The trick is to not get too fast nor to slow with your walking tempo or with your swing tempo. Be natural, strive for good balance, and be in position to slide and release your ball in good form so you can repeat good shots each frame and each game.

Make a loose and free backswing to set the tempo of your entire swing cycle.

Avoid over-gripping or squeezing your bowling ball throughout your swing cycle. This cannot be stressed enough if you wish to regain a consistent swing tempo because of using relaxed muscles in your bowling arm, neck, shoulders, and legs.

To sum this tempo matter up, trust your normal release style, regulate your ball speed, and allow your swing to repeat in a free and loose motion with little muscle tension and with matching paced steps.

Another factor affecting good walking and swing tempo are to avoid rushing the foul line with hurried steps due to excitement or anxiety when bowling in competition. Stabilize your upper body with little or no head movement as you walk and swing your ball. Retain good body posture throughout your approach. Avoid being overly aggressive by trying to add revs or forcing your ball to hook as opposed to letting the dynamics of the bowling ball do the job. Strive for consistent bowling steps and swing tempo and watch your scores rise.


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