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New Release: Motiv Graffiti Tag Bowling Ball

The Motiv Graffiti Tag is the ball that Motiv fans have been asking for. A ball that fits perfectly between the Ascent Line and the Venom Line. The Graffiti Tag with its pairing of the Agility MXR coverstock and Halogen Core provides amazing length with a strong, controllable flip on the backend. The Tag will allow bowlers to play in the track area longer or move inside and still have enough to get the ball back with enough angle. High Rev and low speed bowlers are going to love this ball. Short oil and dry lanes are no match for the Graffiti Tag

Leave your mark with the Graffiti Tag, only from Motiv.

The new Agility MXR coverstock delivers a late hook on light oil, so when the lanes burn up you don't have to. "Play in the burn" but keep cool, finished to a 5500 Grit LSP factory finish, with a coloration of a mean green and black cover.

The core is the Halogen Symmetric, which features a high-RG/Medium Differential that keeps the ball going long for a fantastic transition on the backend.

Here's what Motiv has to say about the Graffiti Tag:

League bowlers that are rev dominant will appreciate the energy retention provided by the new Agility™ MXR shell. Tournament bowlers have been waiting for a piece like this from MOTIV. The Graffiti Tag will allow them to play in the burn and bounce off a dry spot deep at the backend of the lane.

The Graffiti Tag is currently selling for $113.99 and rates a 186.8.
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