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New Release: Hammer Arson High Flare Bowling Ball

The Hammer Arson High Flare brings a new look to the Arson line by taking the original Arson core and raising the differential. Higher diff equals more flare. More flare equals more hook. Pair that with a strong reactive resin pearl coverstock and you've got a ball that will go long and hook extremely hard on the backend of the lane. Move inside, throw this ball out and watch it turn the corner. Exactly what you need to be able to carry from deep inside. Nothing hits like a Hammer!

Bring a new motion onto the dry with the new Hammer Arson High Flare.
Introducing a new high-differential factor to the Arson core, this modified core brings about higher flare potential. This brings out a new reaction onto the driest of lanes - a skid/flip motion straight to the pocket.
Surround this with the Max-Hook Pearl coverstock in a fiery red coloration and you have a ball that's not only attention grabbing but keeps the heat even after the burn. Finished to a 500/20000 Abralon w/Factory Finish Polish, this hammer keeps its cool under intense heat.
Here's what Hammer has to say about the Arson High Flare:
The Arson High Flare features a modified Arson 2 core. Hammer’s R&D team increased the differential to .054 (15#) to give the ball more flare potential and then wrapped it with the new Max-Hook Pearl coverstock.

The Arson High Flare Pearl is currently selling for $126.99 and rates a 198.7.