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New Release: Track Tour X Solid Bowling Ball

The Track Tour X Line was designed for use on tough lane conditions. The newest addition, the Tour X Solid is a needed piece for bowlers on tournament conditions. The Solid version gives a stronger and more consistent reaction than the original hybrid version. When the original Tour X is going too long, not hooking enough or becomes too sharp on the backend, switch to the Tour X Solid and blend out the lane.

The Original Tour X was formulated in mind for difficult and short PBA Patterns. Its counterpart for longer patterns is the new Tour X Solid.
The DNA core features a high RG/high differential for getting your ball down the lane and off the spot to the pocket on difficult to read patterns.
Combine this core with the all-new DR-4 solid coverstock, and you have a ball that will reach consistently to longer oil patterns with a medium to light coating of oil. Finished to a polished shine, this ball won't hook too early and offers enough length through the heads before starting its motion.
Here's what Track has to say about the Tour X Solid:
When bowling on tougher oil patterns, bowlers tend to lean towards a bowling ball that uses a symmetrical core design. To help satisfy this need, we have developed our Tour series of bowling balls. The Tour X was perfect for creating lots of length with its pearl finish. The new Tour X Solid is the perfect compliment to the Tour X. The change to a solid veneer, while using our proven DNA core design, provides a touch stronger reaction in the mid-lane, therefore allowing it to handle a bit more oil as well.

The Tour X Solid is currently selling for $124.99 and rates a 192.4.
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