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New Release: Ebonite Gamebreaker 2 Gold Bowling Ball 8/15/2015

Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Gold:

The Ebonite Gamebreaker 2 Gold follows in the footsteps of one of the best all-around balls of all-time, the Gamebreaker 2. Everything is the same on the 2 Gold as on the Gamebreaker 2 except the coverstock has been pearlized. This gives the GB2 Gold extra length, a bit more pop on the backend but still with the controllability you loved from the GB2!

The Game Breaker 2 Gold combines one of the most popular Ebonite symmetrical cores, the Enhanced V2 core, along with a pearl version of the GB 10.7 reactive cover. This addition will give you more length than the Game Breaker 2 with a more angular motion off the spot down lane.
Here's what Ebonite has to say about the Game Breaker 2 Gold:
In designing the GB2 Gold, we wanted to create the perfect complement to its predecessor, the GB2. The goal is to create a ball that is cleaner through the front, while maintaining the strong and continuous move at the back end which the Game Breaker line is known for.

The Game Breaker 2 Gold is currently selling for $114.99 and rates a 197.4.