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New Release: DV8 Hooligan Taunt Bowling Ball 6/23/2015

DV8 Hooligan Taunt:

The Hooligan Taunt adds length to the middle part of DV8's lineup, perfect for medium-dry conditions. This ball goes very long with a controllable backend reaction for when the lanes get tough. When the Hooligan starts to read the lane too early or hook too much, switch to the Hooligan Taunt and you'll be in business.

Rough 'em up with the DV8 Hooligan Taunt.
The High RG/Medium differential Hooligan core will provide bowlers with great length and a strong, controllable backend reaction. This will give bowlers a great option once the oil starts to carry down and the lanes start to get tough.
Wrapped around the Class 5G Pearl Reactive coverstock with a blue/orange coloration, this ball is designed to give length with an aggressive flip on light to medium oil lanes.
This ball will be your go-to for when lanes dry up. Taunt the competition and taunt the lanes with the DV8 Hooligan Taunt.
Here's what DV8 has to say about the Hooligan Taunt:
The blue/orange Hooligan Taunt features our Class 5G Pearl Reactive coverstock matched with the Hooligan symmetric core to produce skid/flip ball motion on light to medium oil lane conditions.

The Hooligan Taunt is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 208.7.