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Bowling PTSD

By:, 7/17/17

Are you becoming so frustrated with your bowling that you may be a candidate for bowling PTSD?

Are you up tight, tense, angry, and over anxious about your game? If so, you may be experiencing bowling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

The solution ultimately is to relax your mind and your bowling muscles, particularly during competition.

Tension can adversely affect your physical movements and your judgement in making clear and concise decisions.

It is important to understand that relaxed muscles move swiftly whereas tight muscles move more slowly.

Practice using as least amount of muscle tension in your bowling arm, legs, bowling shoulder, and neck to develop natural power and effectiveness.

Let’s face it, everyone gets nervous and anxious when bowling competitively.

This is a normal reaction when you want to perform well and win.

Your job to counter nerves adversely affects your ability to make good decisions and effective shots during competition.

Rely on using the time in your pre-shot routine to ensure you begin your approach movements smoothly and unhurried.

Since stress is a gradual build up of anxieties, allow yourself to believe that no matter how nervous you might feel, you can still make smooth and effective body movements leading to good shots and good results.

Nerves are really nothing more than extra energy. Use this energy to your advantage.

Convert nervous energy into working energy.

Trust your abilities and use the energy to help you think quickly and effectively and to perform physically as well as you know you can.

Relax your bowling muscles and bowl using a smooth and consistent tempo. Repeat the same movements each successive shot and avoid varying the speed of your steps or swing. In doing so, when adjustments are needed, you can implement them because you are in a relaxed mental and physical zone which allows you the freedom to perform well. Use your working energy to an advantage and reduce any level of past poor performances to develop into bowling PTSD.


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