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Wait On Your Bowling Down Swing

Great bowlers understand the importance of swing discipline as a vital key in good shot making. Talented and successful bowlers have disciplined their swing motion to wait for the bowling ball for a split second to drop freely into the downswing.

The ability to not hurry the downswing and correspondingly the forward swing, is key to efficient shot making.

The force of gravity will start your downswing if you do not prohibit this action by using muscle tension trying to control the bowling ball.

By allowing your bowling ball to fall smoothly and freely from the top of your backswing, about 12 inches of free-fall motion, into the downswing before accelerating into the forward swing, you are in position to make a full and complete follow-through motion.

There are a few techniques to getting into position at the top of the backswing so you can wait on your bowling ball before accelerating the forward swing to create swing velocity.

Get your ball started into your swing early enough so you do not have to hurry the delivery from the top of your backswing.

Make certain you do not grab the ball at the top of the backswing by increasing gripping finger pressure on the gripping holes. Maintain consistent grip pressure on the ball during the complete swing cycle.

Hesitate in beginning the downswing ever so slightly. This will help you wait for your forward swing and produce consistent bowling ball finger rotation as your hand reaches the critical release zone.

Retain a stable and fixed body position while walking and sliding into the foul line. Make no sudden movements to interrupt good balance during your approach or tighten you arm muscles which, in turn, can adversely affect your forward swing effectiveness.

Regardless of how nervous you might be in pressure bowling situations, discipline your swing to wait for the bowling ball at the top of your backswing and not rush your delivery. Accuracy depends on good swing discipline and fundamentals.