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How Do I Increase Bowling Ball Speed And Improve Accuracy?

Publish Date: 11/1/15

As an advanced bowler and one who expects quick results when wanting to work on your game, you may find yourself asking "how do I increase bowling ball speed and improve accuracy?"  If so, then please follow these simple practice tips away from competition to help you get to where you wish to go:

*Increase the pace of your steps with each successive step moving faster than the previous step.

*Retain knee flex just enough so you use the big muscles in your legs for power and so you can maintain body balance as you move more quickly to the line.

*Loosen your arm swing. Swing the ball back to the top of the swing faster than you normally do and then accelerate your forward swing to a full and complete follow through position. In short, toss the ball as hard as you can using a free and loose swing.

*Keep your head still throughout your approach with your eyes fixed firmly on your target with fierce determination to deliver your bowling ball over your sighting target.

*Hold your form at the foul line until your ball passes your target on the lane. This tip helps you retain balance during your release and avoid falling out of position when delivering your ball at a fast speed.

Increasing speed without retaining good balance during your approach and at the foul line after your ball leaves your hand leads to erratic shots.

Use your legs for power by keeping some knee flex during the approach and by adding more knee flex as you slide into the line.

Head movement is a shot killer. Avoid unnecessary head and shoulder movement beyond your normal delivery style just because you are trying to increase ball speed.

Keep your trail leg bowling shoe in contact with the floor as you release your ball during these drills. If your upper body remains in a stable position with little or no head movement and if your trail leg remains in contact with the floor as you release your ball, you will have the needed balance to hurl your ball considerably faster than normal.

In practice, find out the limit of how fast you can propel your ball down the lane without losing balance nor taking your eyes off of your target.

Max out your ball speed until you are delivering your ball faster than needed to get a good ball reaction, then back off a little at a time until you are making good shots and are delivering your ball faster than presently.

Use your own feel and technique without trying to change your game just to pick up speed. The key always is to never force your swing but rather swing the ball freely, swiftly, and accelerate your forward swing if you wish to pick up a mph or two in speed without sacrificing control.

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