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Use Your Non-Bowling Fingers For Power Control

By:, 2/10/16

If you are looking for subtle techniques in releasing the bowling ball, use your non-bowling fingers for power control?

As an experienced bowler averaging between 180 and 200, you likely can rely on a fairly consistent release technique established over the years you have bowled.

Since it is always a good idea to rely on your well establish release so you avoid a loss of accuracy or ball speed control, using various pressure points and gripping techniques on your bowling ball can assist you in control ball skid distance and overall ball reaction.

Assuming you are using a fingertip grip bowling ball, tuck your “pinky” finger down to the first knuckle joint so your nail lies flat on the ball surface instead of being completely extended.

This technique can help you exit your bowling thumb from the ball slightly more quickly than when your pinky finger is fully extended on the ball surface.

When your thumb exits the ball quickly and cleanly, your fingers are free to apply a swift and decisive release action and you will gain power.

Another gripping technique to gain power is to spread your index finger as wide as possible, pull the pad of this finger back slightly toward your palm, and press down down firmly with the finger pad on the ball surface.

Maintain this pressure point increase on the pad of your index finger throughout your swing and delivery.

This technique also exits your thumb from the ball quickly and helps you apply power to your delivery.

Using both techniques of tucking your pinky finger and scooping your index finger while applying pressure on the finger tip gives you a great chance of maximizing your power by exiting your thumb from the ball quickly and allowing your bowling fingers inserted in the gripping holes to activate the the precise moment of release.

Experiment with these release techniques during practice and get comfortable using one or both as needed.

Controlling bowling ball skid distance is a key to getting a reliable ball reaction. Your release is an important part of the process.

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