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Trust Your Bowling Swing To Stand The Test Of Time

By:, 12/11/15

Every great bowler over the years has learned to trust his or her bowling swing and rely on swing discipline to perform well over the course of time.

No reason this should change now so if you wish to add longevity to your game, trust your bowling swing to stand the test of time.

Trusting your swing can be thought of in components but must be thought of as a one piece, smooth, and uninterrupted motion.

Start with your pushaway motion to begin your swing. Make certain you do not hurry the pushaway motion or get jerky trying to force your bowling ball into the backswing. Synchronize your first step pace with your pushaway motion when initiating your swing for best results.

Once your pushaway is complete your bowling ball must continue to the top of the backswing swiftly, smoothly, and free of arm tension.

At the top of the backswing, regardless of how high you swing your bowling ball, avoid grabbing the ball and forcing the downswing because you are in a hurry to get a strike.

Allow the forces of gravity to help start your downswing and maintain steady and even grip pressure with your bowling hand on the ball.

You certainly should accelerate your forward swing but not so much as to pull your body off of a good balanced platform which, in turn, causes errant shots.

Make a full forward swing down your intended ball delivery path.

Releasing your ball consistently and at the same point relative to your sliding shoe each shot is an important key to making clean and effective deliveries and is key to controlling ball skid distance.

Being in the swing groove, therefore, is a multi-part process from the moment you initiate your swing, through the backswing cycle, and through the entire forward swing cycle including the moment you release the ball.

Once you develop and establish a good release technique and a good swing motion, trust that motion in competition and work to preserve your swing mechanics to last the test of time.

One thing we all know is that your bowling ball does not know your age, gender, religion, race, or IQ level but rather only responds to how you deliver the ball.

Build a reliable and effective bowling swing and learn to trust your swing when the going gets tough during competition.

If you trust your swing alignment path, the pace of your swing, and your release style, your ability to make quality shots will last.

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