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As A 200 Plus Senior Bowler, How Can I Improve?

Publish Date: 10/22/15

If you are a 200 plus senior bowler, and ask "how can I improve?", then you likely need to focus on a couple of keys to your approach and possibly your equipment to do so.

With a 200 plus average, you are among the elite senior league bowlers.

Use your present strengths of your game which have been productive in the past to an advantage and only make small adjustments to your physical game in lieu of any major overhaul changes.

Slight changes can do the job.

As examples, slight increases in ball speed might help so long as you avoid losing balance and accuracy.

You may have to hasten the pace of your steps to help you gain a bit more ball speed or perhaps lengthen your stride with each step to use the power in your legs for increased leverage, particularly if you cannot flex or bend your knees as much as you once were able to do.

Avoid losing balance as you release your ball so your control does not suffer.

If you want to change your hand action technique somewhat, avoid trying to add too much power or revs to your release.

The combination of using the right bowling ball with a surface texture matching the friction factor on the lanes coupled with playing the best delivery angle to your spot on the lane is as (or more) important than adding revs or pure speed.

Many senior bowlers overdo changes in their games when challenged with getting a consistently poor ball reaction.

Resist the urge to make big changes unless you elect to use the services of an experienced bowling instructor to watch you implement adjustments to your physical game.

It is surprising how often a bowling ball change with use of an appropriate alignment or adjustment system can help you overcome a poor ball reaction.

Most of you bowl on house oil patterns which can yield a good pace of scoring. Playing the lanes correctly for your game makes the difference between poor scoring and good scoring, even if you are not at your best physically during a given competitive session.

It is possible to improve your percentage of pocket hits and, thereby, your scores if your lane alignment and adjustment strategies work to your advantage.

Simple changes, minor adjustments, and keeping your bowling ball surfaces properly prepared to match with lane conditions will carry your game further than you may expect.

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