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Why Do I Force My Bowling Delivery?, Originally Posted: 2/8/2015; Updated: 3/8/2024

If you are averaging about 150 or 160 and find yourself asking "Why do I force my bowling delivery?", there could be a number of things causing this to happen...

Forcing your delivery will certainly lead to errant shots.

Some reasons why you may be forcing your delivery are late timing, slow ball speed, trying to apply too much power to your shot, and the pressures of competition.

If you have late timing, make sure you do not hurry your steps to make the problem worsen.

Use steady or constant gripping pressure on your bowling ball, especially from the top of your backswing and into the downswing to reduce the chances of forcing the forward swing and release.

When you grab your ball at the top of your backswing and apply increased gripping pressure, you risk overturning the ball, pulling the ball off of your intended target line, and forcing the shot.

If you are trying to gain revs, do so under the supervision of an experienced bowling instructor to make sure this strategy is best for your game.

A coach will help you learn techniques to improve your release and coordinate the adjusted release technique with your swing and timing cycles.

Slow ball speed is something many bowlers experience and may not have the strength nor technique to overcome.

Not only can a coach help you find the best way to increase your ball speed slightly without sacrificing accuracy, the coach can also help you choose the best bowling ball equipment and surface texture strategies to match best with the lane conditions.

Pressures from competition are the most common reasons you force your delivery.

When you try so hard to get a strike to win a team game during league play, as example, you might force your shot just enough to miss the pocket and squash any chance of getting the strike you seek.

Discipline in shotmaking comes from building good physical game fundamentals.

If you simply understand the causes related to forcing your shot, then you can remedy the matter by choosing the best options to avoid forcing the delivery.

For these reasons, it is always good to use the services of a good coach from time to time.

Show some patience when swinging and releasing your bowling ball and you will force fewer shots.

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