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  Eric Forkel of Tucson, Arizona stroked 32 strikes in 34 attempts on May 2, 1997, while blasting 287-300-287=874 in the American Bowling Congress Bud Light Masters. The highest three game series in 94-years of tournament history, it surpassed the 857 series bowled by Norm Duke in the 1989 Masters.
  John Gualtieri, 45, of Edison, N.J. was the first to bowl a 300 game in Reno's National Bowling Stadium. His "housewarming" was performed on opening day of the ABC National Tournament, Feb. 4, 1995.
  There have only been four perfect games bowled in the 78 year history of the WIBC Championship Tournament. The first was bowled in 1979 by Lori Gensch of Milwaukee, Wisc. Rose Walsh of Pomona, Calif. duplicated the feat in 1986. Linda Kelly of Huber Heights, Ohio added her name to the Honor Roll in 1987. Irene Finley of Miami, Fla. distinguished herself by becoming the first woman to bowl a perfect game in the National Bowling Stadium when she added her name to this very select roster on June 19, 1997, .
  Mike Whalin of Dayton, Ohio has the most perfect games in a season. He blasted 12 scores of 300 during the 1987-88 season.
  Ted Long of Wind Gap, Pa. had seven 800 series in the 1980-81 season. His record was tied during the 1995-96 season by Warren Tam Wasson of Garland, Texas and by Mark Crawford of Red Lion, Pa.
  Bret Dal Santo tossed a sizzling 299-289-299=887 series in Savannah, Ga. on Oct. 25, 1990. It's the highest series ever without a perfect game!
  The first doubles partners to post a 600 game were John Cotta and Steve Larson of Manteca, Calif. They did it in 1981.
  During the 1994-95 season, Todd Filter, 16, of Cedarsburg, Wis. became the first YABA member to bowl three perfect games the same day. He did it while winning a tournament that added $1,000. to his scholarship funds.
  Jeffrey Gund, Wheeling, W.Va. recorded three straight games of 290 on Nov. 29, 1994. It was the highest triplicate score ever recorded until Jeremy Sonnenfeld of Sioux Falls, S.D. made bowling history on Feb. 3, 1997 with his triplicate total of 900.
  The record for highest triplicate in WIBC history was established at 268 by Merrill Alexander, Dallas, Texas during the 1980-81 season. Alecia Kanazawa, Mountain View, Calif. tied the record in the 1990-91 season.
  Leonard Lavelle Jr. of Scranton, Pa. won the high average award for 31 consecutive years (1953-84) in the S.S. Businessmen's League.
  In 1995, 66-year-old Fred Kessler of Cincinnati, Ohio celebrated 50 consecutive years as a member of both the St. Catherine's and Stumps' Major Leagues.
  Emory Krauthoefer of Milwaukee was secretary of the Nut League for 61 years.
  David Williams of Charleston, S.C. converted a record nine splits during a single November 1964 game.
  How do you leave the 7-8-9-10 split? John Dwarzski of Melvindale, Mich. claims he converted it in 1972. (Sept. 1995 ABC Press Release)
  Don Meyerpeter, Sr. of Sussex, Wisconsin is one of only a few that have bowled three perfect games on the same day. His achievement is a bit different: he did it in three different years! Don, born on April 18, 1938, bowled his first in the Deusters Classic League at Deusters Bowl on April 22, 1987. His second was in the same league on April 22, 1992.  On April 22, 1993 he subbed in the Sussex Major League at Sussex Bowl, picked up a used ball for the first time and erupted for 245-300-235=780. They are the only 300s he has ever bowled!
  Mac Gott of Twin Falls, Idaho tossed 299-213-300=812 on Feb. 28, 1995. Mac, who earned three rings and a watch for his effort, may be the only bowler in history to have his first 299, 300 and 800 in the same series.
  Nadine Oppinger of Wichita, Kans. was 67 years young when she walloped a torrid 277-277-268=822 on Mar. 4, 1996. It's the highest three-game series ever by a female senior bowler and was almost an awesome triplicate score!
  On our page "How Difficult is it to..." we provide the odds of men and women winning various awards. Example: men bowl one perfect game for every 12,544 bowled, women need 644,286 games to accomplish the same feat.

A visitor with the intriguing e-mail address "IhaftaBowl" asked about the probabilities of a woman bowling two 300 games in one day. (The answer of 644286 times 644286 produces a result too large for my calculator!)

"IhaftaBowl" is Bonnie Rolandelli. On Mar. 1, 1997 she tossed two 300s while bowling in the City Tournament at Boulevard Bowl in Petaluma, Calif. The first woman to toss a perfect game in the 50+ year history of that bowling center, she walloped 300-246-156=702 in the Doubles event and 257-300-188=745 in Singles.

When this data was confirmed we were advised "We've had a number of women with consecutive 300s and many others with two 300s in the same series, so nationwide, two 300s in the same day wouldn't be as rare as you might think." Ah, but only Bonnie has the e-mail address, "IhaftaBowl."

  Though we have confirmed that Roger Houk of Belleville, Ill. shot four perfect games of 300 during the 1991-92 season, we are not able to verify his claim of bowling only 70 games during the entire season or whether a ratio of a 300 for every 17.5 games rolled is a record.

Bowling Headquarters does not have information on the number of games bowled by individuals. Since the record for perfect games by an individual in a single season is 12, it is possible that another bowler has a better ratio.

  For many years the highest series without shooting 300 was held by Keith Spear. He bowled games of 280,299,299 for a series of 878. He left 3 eight pins, striking in 33 of 36 frames. Even more amazing is that he shot this series years before the era of high scores. His scores were recorded in 1978.
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