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  Pete Weber, St. Louis, Mo. blasted a 300 in his first game of sanctioned adult competition. Pete was 15 years old when he did it in 1978.
  Frank Fitch of Lexington, Ky was the first to bowl a 700 series right handed and left handed on the same day. It happened during the 1994-95 season. And then there was the night when Frank, bowling in back to back leagues (one right handed, the other left handed) posted a 666 series in both leagues. His prowess as an ambidextrous bowler are best illustrated by his career 800s:
  • 835, Nov. 27, 1987 (LH)
  • 826, Feb. 25, 1995 (RH)
  • 825, Feb. 23, 1991 (RH)
  • 803, Sept. 17, 1992 (RH)
  • 802, Nov. 15, 1991 (LH)
  Fran Bax, Tonawanda, N.Y. holds the record for consecutive series of 600 or better in the same league. His streak ended at exactly 100 on May 2, 1997. It included four perfect games and a series of 795.
  In 1996, Judy Clark, Modesto, Calif., became the first woman on record to convert the 5-7-10 split. Later the same year, 84-year-old Lucy Kratzer, Tell City, Ind. became the second (and oldest) to convert the split. Wow!
  The oldest male to convert the 7-10 split may be Dale Black. He was 82 when he did it in the Wednesday Night Hooker's League at Bib's Lanes in Mount Ayr, Iowa.
  Diane Ponza of Santa Cruz, Calif. has the honor of being the all-time over-achiever. In 1977, she wreaked havoc on her 112 average by bowling a 300 game.
  Roger Evans, Champaign, Ill., is the men's over-achiever champion.  He had a 127 average when he tossed a 300 in 1991.
  Gary Schindler of Jackson Heights, NY, holds the ABC record for triplicate games with ten. He's earned triplicate awards with matching games of 178, 145, 147, 175, 188, 180, 178, 168, 168 and 161.
  Jeffrey Gunn of Moundsville, W. Va. holds the record for second highest triplicate score ever. During the 1994-95 season the 21 year-old Gunn nuked the pins with three straight 290s!
  Puzzle... Was Stan Kodish, Tampa, Fl, "in a rut" or "in a groove" when he tossed eight straight games of 202 during a 1988 PBA tourney?
  WIBC kegler F. Marcille McMicken of Amarillo, Texas is deadly on spares. She leads all bowlers with 48 awards for all-spare games.
  Clarence Georgie completed a record 76th consecutive season with the Saginaw (Mich.) Lutheran League in 1995. Extraordinary!
  Mary Hammack, 53, of Grand Bay, Ala. became the first woman ever to bowl in the ABC National Tournament when she competed in Mobile, Ala. in 1994. She rolled 435 in the team event, 586 in doubles and 519 in singles for an all-events total of 1,540.
  Here's a twist on the belief that marriage causes some couples to act/look alike: Clint and Opal Chambers, who follow each other in their team's line-up, bowled identical games of 141-154-135 during a 1995 session of the Golden Rollers League at Starlite Lanes in Dallas, Ore.
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