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 When Jeremy Sonnenfeld astounded the bowling world by tossing a 900 series on February 3, 1997 he destroyed a trivia question that had existed for almost ten years: "What is the highest three-game series ever bowled without a 200 game?"
 If "non-triplicate" was added to the question, these efforts would still be part of trivia history.
  • 799=300-199-300, Don Hartley, Columbus, Oh., Sept. 12, 1987
  • 798=300-198-300, Bob Theuninck, East Moline, Ill., May 5, 1986
  • 795=195-300-300, Dick Cetti, E. Hanover, N.J. May 17, 1993
  • 791=300-300-191, William Patnode, Fond du Loc, Wisc., Sept. 14, 1983
 On Nov. 30, 1993 , Chad Murphy and Lonnie Waliczek of Wichita, Kansas turned in the highest triplicate scores for teammates ever posted.  Murphy had three straight 269s while Waliczek was stroking 247s.
 Jim Kramer and Allan Milligan, Detroit, Mich. are the only teammates to have identical triplicate scores on the same night.  It was nothing but 179s for them on March 30, 1966.
 Douglas Frack of Flint, Michigan tossed three straight games of 15 on Oct. 15, 1982. It's the record for the lowest triplicate scores ever posted.  (Fortunately, it was not the first day of the month!)
 Though only in fourth place for the lowest triplicate ever recorded, a feat worth noting is the 22-22-22 posted by blind bowler Charles Williams of Chicago, Ill. on Nov. 28, 1961.
 On April 21, 1987, Mabel Henry of Winchester Ky, tossed games of 183-184-155 by making 30 consecutive spares.  Keeping her streak going in the last game must really have been a challenge!
 The men's record for consecutive spares is also 30.  Howard Glover, San Francisco, Calif. did it in August, 1944. Charles Claybaugh, Anderson, Inc. tied it on Jan.11, 1952. Their game scores are unknown.
 When you have a 127 average, a 500 series is an accomplishment. Stupendous has to be the term to describe the night had by Cindy Hanke of Milwaukee, Wisc. during the 1980-81 season when she blasted the pins for 212-256-268=736.  Holder of  the lowest WIBC average ever to toss a 700 series, she was 355 pins over average for the night!
 Equally noteworthy is Penny Cook of Dayton, Oh., who was averaging 144 on that June night in 1993 when she walloped a torrid 257-242-279=778.  Her effort was 346 pins over average.
 During the 1932-33 season, Edward Mullen, Schenectady N.Y., compiled a 192 average.  No one has ever done better without a 600 series. (His best: 599)
 On April 21, 1993, Anthony Delehanty of Chandler, Ariz., broke a 41 year old record by bowling a game of 62 --- 152 pins below his 214 average. George Stieber of Detroit Mich. had the previous best (worst?) based on his average of 157 and score of 9.
 The 1969-70 season saw Catherine Sloan, Alexandria, Va. and Don Brayton, Pawtucket, R. I. establish an unbreakable record: they both left 11 splits in a game.  
 On March 25, 1986, Jan Kruger, Parkson, S.D. became the only woman in history to convert the 7 - 10 split twice in the same game.
 Phil Irving, Port Huron, Mich (1936), Karl Alder, Detroit, Mich. (1940), Ray Eilerman , Cincinnati, Oh (1950), Ted Wessel, Linthicum, Md (1957), Ray Nebus, South Amboy, NJ (1964) and Jeffrey Reese of Mandarin, Fla. (1991) each made two 7 - 10 conversions in the same game.
 Morton Canfeld, Minneapolis, Minn. made five consecutive 5 -7 splits on Feb. 14, 1957.
 John Ermi, Milwaukee, Wisc. left twelve 8 - 10 splits during a single series in 1937.
 Perhaps the slogan for The Peoria Bowl Recreation team of Peoria, Ill. should be "Nobody Does it Better." All five teammates finished the 1949-50 season with a 180 average.
 All five members of the Kilmer's Flagstone team of Clark's Summit, Pa. finished with a score of 201 in the same game on Feb. 26, 1987.
 No member of the Burza's team of Amsterdam, NY missed a game from 1958 through 1988 - an incredible streak of 13,860 games!
 The closest league finish ever: The Moose League, Nampa, Idaho, 1953-54.
Team Won Lost
Nampa Neon Co. 50.5 49.5
Rogers Plumbing 50.5 49.5
The Schooner 50.5 49.5
Moose Lodge 50.0 50.0
Cash Inn 50.0 50.0
Show's Chevrolet 48.5 51.5
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