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Increase Your Bowling Average 15 Pins

Updated 7/20/2020

If you are a bowler currently averaging 175 or less, you can increase your average by 15 pins by paying attention to four key points.

Let’s face it, some people simply will not ever improve their average and there are reasons why they do not.

If you have a physical handicap prohibiting you from putting in the hard work it takes to improve your game, then you may not attain a 15-pin or more increase in your bowling average.

If you have little or no free time to practice or have no money to invest in practice, then it becomes difficult to see average boosts in scoring.

As many of us have plenty or free time right now, or at least more than we typically do, now is the time to take notes and invest mentally into your game.

If you are one who never practices and hates working on your game or if you are one who enjoys your present performances as they are, then you likely will not raise your average 15 pins.

But if you are someone willing to put in some dedicated practice, some hard work, and apply yourself in a few important areas of the game, you can definitely improve your scores and your average.

Not necessarily in order of importance, these four keys to the game will help you improve your average scores:

1. Work on your initial alignment to the pocket - play the lanes in accordance with your delivery style and with the oil pattern provided by the bowling center. Getting lined up properly and quickly is as important to hitting the pocket as is making a good shot. Hitting the pocket a higher than present percentage will net you more strikes and easier spares to convert.

Making timely adjustments when the lanes change during league competition is another factor in raising your average. If the lanes change, you must adjust your positioning on the approach and your sighting target on the lane as needed.

Moving toward the oil on the lane will help increase your bowling ball skid. Moving away from the oil into a higher friction part of the lane will increase your ball reaction and you will gain more hook.

2. Regulate your ball speed and loft - if you can deliver your bowling ball at a consistent speed, your delivery technique will automatically become consistent and you will achieve good ball skid control. Also, delivering your ball over the foul line at the same distance beyond the line each delivery will help you control your ball skid and improve your accuracy. Work on maintaining consistent ball speed and loft distance control.

3. Work on sharpening your spare shooting skills - eliminate just one open frame on average per game and your scores will go up accordingly. By hitting the pocket more frequently than you do now, you will leave easier spares to pick up and will reduce the number of open frames you record on average. By working to sharpen your spare shooting, particularly the corner pin spares, your scores will certainly improve.

4. Maintain the surfaces of your bowling ball equipment - keep your bowling ball surfaces clean and free from excessive oil build-up, dirt, scuff marks, and nicks or scratches. Make certain your ball gets resurfaced at least every 50 or 60 games (including practice games). The same is true for the ball you use to shoot spares, particularly the corner pin spares.
Getting a consistent ball reaction from your equipment will allow you to rely on the systems you use for adjustments on strike deliveries and for spares. Do not discount the importance of keeping your arsenal prepared for competition.

Putting in the hard work means getting out to the practice lanes and sharpening your game skills. Focus on what you must do to deliver good shots. Practice your spares and challenge yourself to become deadly accurate at converting spares. Deliver your bowling ball at consistent and predictable speeds and loft distances. Rehearse your alignment and lane adjustments techniques so you do not fear moving when the lanes change and so you can restore your ability to hit the pocket. There are no short cuts. It is all work and dedicated practice.

Be open minded about taking a lesson from an experienced, professional bowling instructor. It is very likely, as it is with most bowlers, you do not consult with or use the services of a professional instructor nearly often enough to keep your game tuned and ready to go.

Use these tips for improving your scores and get that average up where it belongs.

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