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Your Best Bowling Skill

By:, Originally Posted 11/14/16; Updated 6/11/2020

What is your best bowling skill?

It is very important for any competitive bowler to know their strength of their game.

Build on your best physical game skill so you can then more easily work on supporting techniques on your road to improvement.

Your best skill likely can be categorized in one of several keys to everyone’s physical game.

Examples of the physical game categories where your best skill is identified are as follows:

*Set-Up - your stance position on the approach including your posture and alignment to a specified target.

*Footwork - the tempo and direction of your steps including a well balanced sliding step.

*Timing - getting your bowling ball into your swing at the right moment relative to your first step and synchronizing your steps to your swing.

*Swing - your complete swing cycle movement and your ability to repeat well timed, well directed swings.

*Release - the technique you use to apply the amount of revolutions per minute to your bowling ball and the degree of the axis of rotation and tilt. This category implies the precise moment you release your bowling ball relative to your sliding step.

*Balance - the ability to walk, swing and release your ball using good posture void of unneeded body movement for the purpose of delivering your ball accurately.

Other skills which can be categorized under mental strategies are as follows:

*Alignment - your decision where to align on the approach for hitting the pocket or for converting spares.

*Adjustment - any change from a previous alignment or from your physical game to preserve your ability to hit the pocket repeatedly and do the same with spare conversions.

*Equipment - Matching your bowling ball equipment to the given lane conditions you most often face in competition.

*Confidence - your mental ability to believe in yourself and to trust your physical and mental decisions when bowling in competition.

There are several other areas of the game which might be used in identifying your best bowling skill. The best place to find your best skill begins with core elements (known as basic fundamentals) of your game. Work on the strengths of your game when preparing for an important competition. During practice where your scores do not matter is the time to develop improving techniques related to the basic fundamentals of your game. Being confident and knowing the strength of your game is a bedrock for relying on trust that you can perform very well when you need it most.


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