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Three Swing Tips For Beginner Bowlers

Publish Date: 9/17/15

There are three swing tips for beginner bowlers you will wish to consider when learning to bowl.

*The first tip using a tension free swing motion without forcing yourself to heave or to throw your bowling ball but rather using a free swing technique allowing the force of gravity to smoothly swing your bowling arm back and through to a full and complete follow-through position.

Bowling with a smooth swing motion helps you regulate your ball speed and deliver your ball with consistency.

*The next tip is to swing your ball on a path aligned with your sighting target on the lane and so you follow through in the direction of that spot on the lane.

Your coach can help you align to the pocket, to walk the lines necessary to allow you to arrive at the foul line in the proper position for making accurate deliveries.

Your swing direction must match your intended ball path so as your ball leaves your bowling hand headed toward the spot on the lane.

*The final tip is swing your ball at a consistent tempo back and through each shot you deliver to develop good control. The pace of your swing back should be in a smooth motion free of tension and the pace of your forward swing should be slightly faster than your backswing.

Avoid decelerating your forward swing at all costs but be careful to not grab your ball at the height of your backswing and force or thrust your ball to the delivery zone at or near the bottom of your forward swing arc.

Swing the ball back smoothly and tension free and then accelerate the forward swing slightly so you release your ball properly each shot you make and so you follow through to a height where your bowling arm elbow reaches shoulder height swinging toward your target on the lane.

The quickest way to improve your bowling scores is to develop a consistently smooth and accurate swing with a good release technique.

Using these three tips can help you progress in the game and build the foundation for good control when rolling for strikes and spares.

If you have any questions relating to developing a good swing, consult with an experienced bowling instructor to reduce the time it takes to improve your scores.

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